Shirene Botes, Intimacy & Embodiment Coach

My life’s work has been and continues to be a curious inquiry into the unspoken language that occurs between and within us. From this foundation, I am able to gently guide groups, individuals and couples into feeling safe, comfortable and at ease in their bodies.


Throughout my 5 years of private practice, I have witnessed that the deepest longing expressed by so many is for an intimacy which extends far beyond the confines of the bedroom. This is truly a gift worth cultivating. By expanding your awareness and ability to experience more joy, love and peace, your relationships with yourself, others and the world are naturally enhanced and transformed. Rather than reacting from old patterns of behaviour, you can start to respond with love from a place of honesty.

In private sessions, play-shops and retreats, I combine movement & meditation practices, awareness coaching & conscious touch, which is enhanced with the application of deep bodywork and focusing attention on certain pathways throughout the body. Exploration of the energetic body and relaxation of the nervous systems allows you to awaken your true and fullest potential for transforming your everyday experience in the here and now. I intuitively tailor the process to suit the needs of the individual, couple or group I am working with.

To Know Thyself ~ is the greatest gift you can ever attain.

My focus is on bringing awareness and balance to all areas that can enhance the Whole human being (body, mind, emotion, energy and identity). In private sessions, play-shops, retreats and talks, I offer insight and guidance for groups, singles and couples of any gender or orientation. I help expand your horizons into an in-depth understanding of genuine intimacy.

  • As an intimacy, relationship & embodiment coach, my approach includes:
  • Mind-training for balance & clarity;
  • Cultivating healthy boundaries;
  • Discerning constructive belief systems;
  • Understanding self-sabotage & emotional stress;
  • Releasing past trauma through emotional & body de-armouring;
  • Feeling comfortable with giving & receiving touch;
  • Being clear in knowing & asking for what you really want;
  • Your ability to recognise your freedom through choice;
  • Embracing your fullest potential.

~ Tantric Bodywork ~ Womb Tantra ~ Inner Alchemy ~ Cellular Memory & Trauma Release ~

Avalon Ashram

An Urban Ashram & Information Center for current and upcoming events with a focus on Truth, Love and Embodied Sexuality in the Evolution of Consciousness Now.

An Urban Ashram in the lush southern suburbs of Cape Town – a dynamic space to live, love, work & play in. The Beings who live here whether permanently or passing through, short term or long term, local or visiting intentionally choose to celebrate & support each other to Live & Love courageously.

Lots of living spaces, a range of sleeping spots, sociable eating places (indoor & outdoor), leafy garden expanses, a large liquid pool, open plan event spaces, a variety of session room zones…

Please watch this space as it unfolds, grows & evolves and be welcome to participate in ways which are effortless and flow easily for you…your support is appreciated.

Like our page to join & support our community, speak to us about hosting your events in our magnificent clear & light open spaces (in alignment with our broader vision), book a session with one of the Tantrikas practicing from our session spaces, come and stay in one of our beautiful bedroom spaces and participate in the various events offered from our urban ashram.

We look forward to welcoming you

We offer:

Accommodation options: short or longer term stays to suit a variety of budgets.

Consultation/Session space: Ideal for 1:1 or couples sessions.

Workshops & Seminars: Our bright & clear spaces are available for your small and medium sized events. Regular or once-off.

Venue Hire: Perfect indoor/outdoor space for eclectic live music performance, parties & celebrations.

Regular Events: we host and facilitate our own regular events.