A combination of intuitive awareness coaching and Tantric body work, opens an exploration of embracing authentic power. Through cultivating intuitive action and finding joy in uninhibited expression, we let go of limiting beliefs. We feel more empowered to communicate clearly, ask for what we want and take responsibility for our needs and desires. True liberation emerges from the space of knowing oneself, embracing vulnerability, and stepping into our most natural state of Being. Ultimately, one can only love another as much as one is able to love oneself.

I am invested in NOT playing into the “pleasure seeking” “sensual entertainment” vibe, portrayed around Tantra being a doorway to better sex. I feel aligned to:

  • Calling out the unique expression and genius potential of each individual I work with;
  • Deepen understanding and equip people with tools for transforming their generally unfulfilled experience of having random sex, to building genuine intimacy that focuses on building heart based connections;
  • Cultivating balanced individuals with wiser values;
  • And bringing them to being more in touch with the Divinity within. 

In reality, the history of our past cultural suppression is not a comfortable box to struggle in, it is riddled with drama where we play the roles of victim, perpetrator and rescuer. Our society is very focused on tending to the individuals past wounding, where there seems to be something wrong with us and we somehow need fixing. Psychology is no longer affective and people are looking for alternative answers with practical applications that bring them into natural alignment. We are naturally self-balancing creatures, we have just not been taught how to access these qualities. 

In the profound era of change where we are waking up to the hidden Genius expression inside each one of us! We are birthing into Waking Conscious Expression and cultivating a culture with wiser values. One heart at a time, my task is to shift the general perspective towards knowing that our inner Genius has the potential to thrive in mental, emotional & sexual maturity, as the embodiment of Love! I guide each individual I work with, towards embodying the language of Love. While calling them to enliven their innate knowing in order to embrace out of the box living and transform a life of surviving into a life of Thriving from the inside out. Centred in our compassionate hearts, we naturally operate at higher levels of efficiency. There is SO MUCH more to having this “human” experience than what we have been taught to believe about ourselves. 

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