Shirene Botes, Embodied Intimacy Coach

Why people come to me
The energies evoked in session help us access every aspect of what it means to be human, energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally. Touch during treatment, can be applied in the form of deep bodywork and bringing focused attention to certain pathways in the body.

In session we enter into a deep meditative space that supports the softening and opening of your nervous system. To embrace this point of utter surrender, we flush emotional debris; stagnant energy and limiting beliefs from your system. This increases your capacity to deeply feel your feelings and allow you to open up to heightened states of bliss and pleasure.

Conscious exploration of your energetic body and nervous system, awakens your unfolding into merging with the Authentically Empowered Being you truly are. This momentary merging with the non-duality of your essence is where you meet your true potential of being empowered to transform your everyday experience here and now. The time is Now.

Guidance provided in the following areas:

Relationship configurations such as parent-child; office dynamics; life partners etc.

  • Expanded maturity, genuine intimacy & conscious sexuality;
  • Mind-training for balance & clarity;
  • Cultivating healthy boundaries;
  • Discerning constructive belief systems;
  • Understanding self-sabotage & emotional stress;
  • Releasing past trauma through emotional & body de-armouring;
  • Feeling comfortable with giving & receiving conscious touch;
  • Being clear in knowing & asking for what you really want;
  • Enhanced ability through recognising your freedom through choice.