What Shirene’s clients are saying

Tantra is not for sissies, it’s about fully immersing yourself into your being. It’s about consciously seeing who you are both darkness and light and cultivating a deep love for all of you. It’s about working through your past traumas on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. It’s about showing up to truly to meet yourself and then the world. This journey will not be easy but if you want the truth then you should fully embrace this, if you are looking for some quick fix or a sexual high you’re knocking on the wrong door….So like I said if you decide to take the tantric route, you need to truly give yourself over to the experience. You need a wise teacher who will guide your journey, who will be your muse and help you to shift. You need to trust fully that this person will hold space for you to run the gauntlet of your emotions, selves, masks, lies, truths, sexuality and everything else that comes up both consciously and unconsciously. I have worked with many teachers but my experience with Shirene has been the most profound, we have only been working together for a very short time and in that time it’s as if she has helped to facilitate my metamorphosis and it’s gone into hyper drive! She opens her heart to you in such a way where you are able to fully trust that what you want to express and how you choose to do that is safe. She does not dictate a process she gently guides you towards who you really are, she does this with so much joy it’s contagious and it’s beautiful. I have never had such a profound change so quickly. If you are looking for someone who will guide you home, and you are ready to fully commit to the process I would suggest you need to give her a call. – Lauren

I have had the pleasure of working with Shirene for more than a year and in various forms. She is an amazing teacher, healer and woman, who has an uncanny ability to pinpoint the issues or blockages that need addressing in any situation. Each session with her delivers way beyond any expectation and you are left with tools and triggers that can only lead to growth and development. I particularly like that she is not ‘stuck’ in any modality or dogma. She recognizes that the situation and the individual dictates the approach and there is no ‘one size fits all….’

Our conversations have ranged across a myriad of subjects and her experiential knowledge, intuitive application of and easy access to that knowledge, continues to amaze me time and again. This is a woman in her power who will meet you where you are and help you go wherever you can imagine!

I absolutely and unequivocally recommend Shirene as a therapist, coach and teacher. – Leonard

I can’t begin to say what a gift Shirene is. She really is a woman holding the torch for those looking for some light. Shirene has helped me to look at my life from different angles, as a mother, wife, woman, and human being. Her clarity always coming from love. Shirene s passion for what she does comes through every time you meet her. I’m well on my way to a life of balance harmony and zest for life.

Thank you Shirene! – Christal

Tantra gave me the courage to look in the mirror and to see the divine human being not just a person. It peeled back the layers of ‘cultural and societal dirt to reveal the ‘gem’, a divine human. A precious, spiritual being that is far more powerful than our western culture has led us to believe.

Tantra forces you to face fear in the light, not comfortable initially, but you soon realise that the only fear is that which is created in your mind. Fear nothing, for how can you fear yourself?

Speak your truth, love yourself and believe in your divine self.

Luceat lux vestra. – Ronald 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shirene for the Skype sessions. She had the utmost respect and privacy for my problems that could not be dealt with by any psychiatrists I interacted with. The lessons learnt will change my life and those of the people around me forever.


Die manier waarop Shirene my probleme benader het, was ongelooflik. Ek sal  enige iemand aanraai om by haar te begin, voor jy iemand anders raadpleeg.

Danksy Shirene, kyk ek na die lewe deur ander oe!!!! Sy weet waar sit negatiewe gedagtes se “delete” knoppie!


An extraordinary teacher transforms me into an advocate for tantra.  What was before an esoteric practice.

I left my first meeting with Shirene thinking what an amazing woman. Knowledgeable, compassionate, ability to listen, and intuitive are some words that came to mind. Feeling emotionally nourished, professionally inspired and intellectually engaged.

Today, with my awakening, inspired by Shirene, I have this urge to reach out to the world. To share with them the Goddess I have found. To enlighten them to the benefits of spending time with her and how it can change their life as she so succinctly shares her wisdom. An opportunity to expand ones horizons.

Shirene has a natural ability to hear what you don’t say. She oozes love, integrity, and humility. She is confident in her ability and gives freely of herself. She had me feeling uncharacteristically at ease and willing to open up in no time at all.

Some of what I have learned from my time with Shirene.

I am humbler, wiser, and significantly more grateful. I am at peace, filled with positive energy, and so very conscious that I am in complete control of my destiny. Aware of my influence on those around me. I am aware that it’s my choice as to where I may be on the scale of finding inner peace. I have a much greater understanding of what inner peace is for me and what it can do for me.

Shirene has highlighted for me that it’s my choice, a conscious decision whether I be a products of my past or allow my mind to be conditioned by my past. I am now more understanding of how my happiness and success comes from within. That it is I who creates my path and my choice of how I attain my happiness and peace. I no longer find a need to rely on anyone else for my happiness and peace. I am completely accepting of who I am and where I am in the universe. I am easier on myself. What I once saw as faults in my life I now see as opportunities for growth and development.

What my time with Shirene has done for me.

I am a calmer person and more in touch with myself and where I am in the universe. I am now more inclined to reflect before I react. My positive energy has influenced those around me. I will go as far as to say the recent influx of opportunities in my business life are directly a result of my state of mind and how this I believe is somehow picked up by those around me. I am significantly more productive and very conscious of a will to improve myself, to develop, learn and grow. I have a new drive to investing in my growth and learning. I have become aware of who I elect to spend my time with and now without guilt say no more often and am not influence by what I used to feel I am obligated to do.

Touched by an angel.

To be touched in a loving and gentle way is an inherent need in all of us. I initially felt it selfish to enjoy this gift whilst remaining passive. To be able receive such beauty without giving back. It was for me even a little disrespectful to ask for or expect someone to indulge me in the pleasures of touch.

Shirene has the touch of an angel. She has allowed me to bask in the pleasures of her touch. I am able to feel safe, more than at ease, and receive without feelings of guilt. My natural inclination to want to give back for what I receive, I am able to control. This allows me to be the focus and focus only on myself.

Shrines’ touch is gentle and loving. Always with respect. She has me at times in a trance like state of mind. Euphoric state is not a strong enough description of what I reach. It can be surreal, as if entering a vacuum of all worldly thought and matters.

What this does for me.

I leave Shirene feeling much lighter. I feel as though I am walking on air, and this feeling can last for days after. It recharges my energy. I leave these sessions with my tank filled with positive and my mind clear and focused.

An analogy: It can be compared to getting a week’s blissful sleep all in a session.

A very special and sincere thank you Shirene. It has been a pleasure, privilege, and honour to get to know you.

Your student